Thursday, February 3, 2011



It’s that time of the year- the time when those coveted pairs of boots become a little more accessible than they were a month back, that time of the year when those 6 inch pencil heels are not just a dream anymore, when you don’t need to buy flip flops from road-side shops! It’s the SALE and at SexyForMyShoes, there is never a bigger event on our calendars than the end of season sale!

This year has seen a marked difference in the goodies available at shoe stores and the response that huge branded shoe stores have received in Mumbai and although this post might have come in a little late, there is never a bad time to go shoe shopping.

Let’s talk about Aldo, the shoes might be great but the same cannot be said for their sale. From INR 5400 to a discounted price of INR 5000 is not really a steal you know! Not much changed here from 2009 to 2010 but given the options till the last day of the sale, the buyer (with a huge wallet) was spoilt for choice.

Charles and Keith on the other hand at Atria, right next to its rival store Aldo takes the “sale” tag a tad bit too seriously. Prices reduced to almost half, variety of shoes and availability of shoe sizes (we empathise with people with larger and better foot sizes) has people drawn by herds to their store. Charles and Keith lands the number one spot on our where to shop for shoes during sale list.

And for those who expect Nine West on the list, this is going to be a huge disappointment- we won’t even mention the store, let alone talk about the shoes and their prices. Nine West has been scratched off our list since it has consistently failed to catch our eye with or without the sale.

More on the Sale 2011 in our next post. Stay tuned. We’ll make it worth it!

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